Private Home Care / Non-Medical Home Care Services 

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Private Home Care Services

What is a Private Home Care Agency?


Private Home Care (Non-Medical Home Care) is a service where a company sends out caregivers or sitters to take care of clients in their homes, hospitals or long term care facilities. In most States, they are licensed and regulated by the State`s Department of Community Health.


How we can help

We offer 3 different types of services



  1. Initial Consultation – Free (15 minutes)


If you want to know more about Private Home Care Agencies and would like to talk to someone about it, we have someone ready to talk to you for free for 15 minutes.



   2. Coaching session / Step by step Guide - $99/hr.


Next, we have coaching sessions. Our coaching session are telephone or zoom meetings where you can ask our knowledgeable care consultants any questions pertaining the Private Home Care business. This ranges from how to file initial paperwork to how to operate your Private Care Home once you are licensed.


   3. Start Up Package (Private Care Home) - $2499


If after the initial consult or the coaching session you feel you are interested, you have two choices- you can set up your business on your own or you can save money and time by using our Start Up Package. Our Start Up Packages are designed to keep you from making costly mistakes


For example, if you fail your first licensing inspection and you have to wait months for another one, that will be months of rent and bills going down the drain. Or for instance if you buy the wrong house (great in your eyes but bad for business), you can lose tens of thousands or be in debt for a house that won’t give you any significant benefit.



Private Home Care Package

What We Provide


  • Unlimited coaching sessions


  • Guidance in every step. From registering your business to receiving your operational license/permit​​


  • Guidance on where and how to register appropriate accounts


  • Hiring Documents

  • Training Manuals


  • Policies And Procedures


  • Policy Manual (Including Disaster Plans)


  • Employee Files


  • Resident/Client Files


  • Tips (Checklist) on Preparing for Initial Inspection

Branding (Call to Discuss)



Logos, Banners, and Websites



Trademarks and Copyrights




Upgrading Current Brand




Growth Marketing Material